Cách tạo custom domain

TeeChip Pro giúp cho việc tạo trang bán hàng riêng trên custom domain nhanh chóng và dễ dàng hơn bao giờ hết. Khi được thiết kế một cách hiệu quả, có chiến lược tốt, custom domain sẽ giúp cũng cố giá trị thương hiệu, khích lệ người mua hàng lặp lại nhiều hơn, cải thiện upsell và từ đó giúp tăng doanh số một cách hiệu quả. 


Step 1: Navigate to the domain creation page

Sign in to your TeeChip Pro account, click Domains and then click Create Domain” to get started with domain creation.


Step 2: Fill out domain name details

Once on the New Domain” page, you must name your website, add social media links (optional), upload a homepage banner and logo, and choose a highlight color to complement your brand.

Elements of a custom domain

Step 3: Register your domain

Click Proceed to domain name registration” once domain details are complete. Enter your domain name below to check for availability—a green checkmark will appear to confirm. Click Proceed to Payment” to complete the process. Domains will be ready in roughly 3 hours.


All-inclusive annual fee of $50
You will be charged an annual fee of $50 for your custom domain. This fee covers domain name registration, SSL certificate creation, and other administrative fees.

Step 4: Fill your custom domain with new campaigns

Want to add campaigns to your domain? You’ll need to create new campaigns and assign them to your domain. On the last step of campaign creation, click the drop-down list under “URL” and select the appropriate custom domain URL.

Select the correct domain URL for your new campaigns.

Step 5 (optional): Add card images to improve site navigation

Card images are links to your storefronts and are found on the homepage. To update your card images, go to Storefronts > Details > click “Change” next to “Card image.” Upload your new card image and set your storefront to “Public.” Click, “Save changes” to finish.


There you have it! In just 5 simple steps, your custom domain is officially ready for business.

Create a custom domain on TeeChip Pro today!

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