Increase repeat purchases and boost your profits with TeeChip’s powerful upsell tools. Our 6-stage upsell funnel can help motivate your customers to buy more products, both pre-checkout and post-checkout.

What are upsells on TeeChip?

Upsells are ways of selling additional products to your existing customers. This can be in the form of recommended items, email marketing, limited-time offers, and “Add to Order” popups.


The probability of selling to a new customer is just 5-20% while the probability of selling to an existing customer is an impressive 60-70% (read more at INVESP). Upsells on TeeChip allow you to effectively target your existing customers and increase average order size.

Boost sales with 6 powerful upsells

You are given the option to add upsells during the last step of campaign creation. To add upsells to existing campaigns, visit the “Campaign details” page (shown below).

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How to find upsell options and add them to existing campaigns.

1) Campaign details page pop up upsell

Promote your products after your customers have added an item to their cart.

After buyers add a product to their cart, they will see a pop-up “modal upsell” on the campaign details page.

2) Cart page upsell

Advertise your campaigns to buyers before they proceed to checkout.

When customers view their shopping carts, they’ll see a recommended product from your store. They will also see an embedded upsell with a limited time offer under their invoice on their cart page.

3) Post-sale popup upsell

Make it easy for customers to instantly buy additional products.

At the end of a purchase, buyers will see a pop-up “modal upsell” with a limited-time offer (you set the discount amount). Customers can instantly buy the new item without having to re-enter their shipping and payment information.


4) Post-sale email upsell

Maximize sales with automatic email marketing.

24 hours after an order is placed, customers who ordered via credit card will receive an upsell email. This email features a limited-time offer on a discounted campaign of your choice.


5) Post-sale SMS upsell

Increase your sales by sending SMS messages with limited time offers to your customers.

Customers who left their phone number at the Order Receipt Page will receive an SMS upsell with a limited time offer (you set the discount amount). Buyers can easily purchase the recommended item by clicking on the link provided.

6) Post-sale order confirmation email upsell

Gain up extra sales when buyers view their order confirmation.

Every buyer receives an order confirmation email after making a purchase. Select up to 3 campaigns to be featured at the bottom of these emails to encourage extra sales from your existing customers.

Increase repeat sales and maximize order value with upsells.

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