How to install the Facebook Pixel on TeeChip

The Facebook Pixel helps you track visitors and sales that come from your Facebook ads. According to Facebook for Business, the pixel performs 3 of the following:

1) Building Custom Audiences from your website for remarketing
2) Optimizing ads for conversions
3) Tracking conversions and attributing them back to your ads

How to integrate your pixel ID with all campaigns

Step 1: Locate “Pixels” in Ad Manager on Facebook.

Step 2: Locate your pixel ID on the right-hand column.

Step 3: Log in to your TeeChip account > Domains > Details > Settings

Step 4: Insert your Facebook Pixel ID into corresponding box.

How assign a pixel ID for individual campaigns

You can always override the default analytics setting for individual campaigns.

Step 1: Click on “Details” next to the desired campaign in the “Campaigns” dashboard.

Step 2: Then insert the Facebook Pixel ID in the box titled “Conversion Tracking” on the “Campaign Details” tab.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully implemented your Facebook Pixel into your TeeChip account.

How the Facebook Pixel can boost your success on TeeChip:

1) Track people who visited your campaign page but didn’t buy. You can create another ad for this group of potential customers. Many customers need to see a product more than once before making a purchase.

2) Facebook’s algorithm can track people who make a purchase after seeing your ad. It then analyzes your customers’ profile to find similar users and then serves your ad to these new users, effectively optimizing your conversions.

3) The new Facebook Pixel tracks 8 different events during a conversion. TeeChip currently supports page view, add to cart, initiate checkout, and purchase. Once you know where your conversions are coming from, you can better decide which ads are performing best and scale up.

4) The multiple Pixels can be managed in the Pixel helper add-on menu. Once properly inputted, the two Pixel IDs will be fully supported for the product list page, campaign buyer page, shopping cart, checkout, and order confirmation.