TeeChip Rewards: Streaks


You don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to understand the satisfaction of achieving a combo streak during gameplay—it’s undeniably rewarding and the bragging rights don’t hurt. Now, with TeeChip Rewards Streaks, you can live the glory everyday!

The premise remains the same: maintain a consistent sales volume over time and rack up more points. The larger the volume you’re able to consistently maintain, the bigger the amplification you’ll experience on a daily basis.

Let’s break it down.

There are 4 “levels” that your daily sales volume can qualify for: 25, 100, 300, and 800. Each level is an opportunity to unlock a higher multiplier (e.g. 15x, 20x, etc). The longer you can maintain a level’s minimum volume, the closer you get to unlocking that level’s maximum multiplier.

Maximum multiplier for each level:

Each level’s max multiplier can be achieved at different periods.

For example, it would take 25 days of maintaining a consistent daily sales volume of 300 units to unlock the 25x multiplier.

Once you unlock a multiplier, it will continue applying to your points as long as the required sales volume is maintained.

Here’s a real-time look at streaks:

Head to the seller portal and earn those c-c-c-combo points!

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