Tagging Guide

Tag your top campaigns for higher sales

Want to get discovered on the new TeeChip marketplace? With bulk edit, you can quickly tag your top campaigns and boost your marketplace sales.

What are tags?

Tags are keywords that help customers find your campaign on the marketplace. You can assign tags during campaign creation or with the bulk edit tool.

Use bulk edit to tag your campaigns with ease

Check out the short video below or follow the steps below to learn the secret to quick tagging.

IMPORTANT: Always use accurate tags. Campaigns with inaccurate tags are less likely to convert on the marketplace. Make sure to update your campaigns with relevant and specific tags.

How to use bulk edit to tag your top campaigns

Step 1. Filter your campaigns to top sellers

  1. Go to the “Campaigns” page on the seller dashboard
  2. Set the domain filter to “teechip.com”
  3. Set the “Showing” to “All time”
  4. Change the view to “Details”
  5. Sort campaigns by “Unit Sales High-Low”

Step 2. Tag or retag your top-selling campaigns

  1. Locate a campaign that is not tagged
  2. Click the campaign’s check box
  3. Make sure “Add” is selected (located below “Edit Tags”)
  4. Type and select your desired tags
  5. Click “Save changes”
  6. Repeat this process for every campaign

Get discovered by more shoppers on the TeeChip marketplace.


Start tagging my campaigns