How to switch to TeeChip Pro

The first step towards making the switch is to register a TeeChip Pro account. Registration is free for all sellers. Please reference the TeeChip Pro Learning Center for more detailed information on the TeeChip Pro platform.

We recommend these 3 steps for a smooth transition to TeeChip Pro:

  1. Create your first TeeChip Pro campaign
  2. Get familiar with the new site layout
  3. Migrate your designs to TeeChip Pro

1. Create your first TeeChip Pro campaign

Get familiar with campaign creation on TeeChip Pro

Campaigns are the foundation of both TeeChip 1 and TeeChip Pro, so we highly recommend you get familiar with TeeChip Pro’s campaign creation process. For a step-by-step guide on campaign creation, please read this blog post.

Step 3 of campaign creation on TeeChip Pro

2. Get familiar with the new site layout

TeeChip Pro has an updated sitemap

When you first log into TeeChip Pro, you’ll notice slight differences in site organization. Most of the features you love from TeeChip 1 are still on TeeChip Pro, with some features being renamed or included in new sections.

TeeChip Pro’s updated navigation bar

The “Stats” page is now on the “Campaigns” page

TeeChip Pro has a new location for campaign statistics. For account statistics, refer to the “Campaigns” page. For individual campaign insights, click the “Details” button (found to the right of a campaign).

Click the “Details” button for campaign statistics

Stores are now called "Storefronts"

“Stores” in TeeChip 1 are now the “storefronts” in TeeChip Pro. We recommend you create a test storefront in TeeChip Pro to get more familiar with the updated feature. Please read this guide for information on creating your first storefront.

Additional tools and features

For more detailed information on new tools and features, please review our “Tools & Features” pages in the TeeChip Pro Learning Center.

3. Migrate your designs to TeeChip Pro

Now that you have a better understanding of TeeChip Pro, you are ready to migrate your designs. Follow these 3 steps for best results:

1. Collect and sort your artwork
To start, collect your original artwork files from your personal computer and/or personal storage devices. It’s also recommended that you organize your files by category to allow for faster and more accurate migration.

2. Upload your base campaigns
Do you have campaigns with similar product selection, pricing, and descriptions? Speed up the migration process by creating and testing these base campaigns first, then mass duplicate later.

3. Use duplicate and bulk duplication tools for faster migration
The duplicate tool on TeeChip Pro allows you create an exact copy of an existing campaign and make changes if desired. To locate the duplicate tool, go to the “Campaigns” page in TeeChip Pro and click on a campaign’s duplicate icon (as seen below).

Locate the duplicate tool via the “Campaigns” page

You can also duplicate up to 50 campaigns at once with TeeChip Pro’s bulk duplicate tool. This tool allows you to create a large number of campaigns with ease by mass duplicating an existing campaign. View our blog post for more detailed instructions on using the bulk duplicate tool.

Have more questions?
Check out our list of FAQs or view the TeeChip Pro Learning Center for additional platform information.

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