Seller Dashboard 2.0

With 1.0, we did our best to give sellers a dashboard that had both brains and brawn—intuitive design, seamless navigation, and in-depth analytics where it mattered most. Since then, we’ve gradually collected feedback and tested a host of new features that would add the most value without sacrificing the current UI/UX that sellers love.

Today, we’re excited to share with you the final product: TeeChip’s Seller Dashboard 2.0! Here’s a look at what you can expect.

Dashboard View

A fresh perspective with new columns

Who says bigger isn’t better? In this case, we’ve made the dashboards a little wider to accommodate all the goodness that’s baked into 2.0. More specifically, you now also have the option to add “Campaign Description” and “Facebook Pixel” as columns. The default view for first-time logins includes Views, Orders, Conversion, Unit sales, and Total Profits.

New data fields now available

PRO TIP: Please make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser to have the best experience with Seller Dashboard 2.0.

Customize it to your liking

Not crazy on the default view? We completely get it. Every seller is different and the way you prioritize campaign information is also different. With 2.0, you can adjust the dashboard columns to your liking so that only the stuff that’s important to you gets priority. Your options range from the following ten columns:

Here’s how you can change the default view:

  1. From the dashboard header, locate the settings cog in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the cog to reveal your column options, then un/select the columns you want to have displayed. You can also drag and drop these options to arrange their order.

Note that the top-to-bottom order will be reflected as left-to-right on the dashboard.   Once you’ve reached the maximum width of columns to display, a reminder will notify you to unselect a column before adding another.

Click on the cog to customize your dashboard

Edit Controls

Inline Editing

The ability to click into a campaign for editing has always been standard—it gives you full control over what you’re selling. However, some changes should be much easier to make, and we recognize that. We’ve enabled several fields for quick inline edits, including Campaign Title, Campaign Description, Campaign Status, Facebook Pixel, and Tags. Now, you won’t need to go into a campaign every time you need to make simple changes!

To make your inline edits, simply select the campaign you’d like to edit and then click the pencil icon that pops up.

Easily make inline edits without ever leaving the page!

Bulk Editing

We noted that many sellers struggled with changes that needed to be applied to multiple campaigns at once. To lessen the manual aspect of such changes, we’ve added the ability to create changes in bulk* to the following fields: Campaign Description, Tags, Facebook Pixel, and Status.

*Bulk editing “tags” only works for campaigns that share the same domain.

To make bulk edits, select all the campaigns you’d like to edit, then hit the pencil icon.

Quickly and conveniently make changes to multiple campaigns