TeeChip Rewards FAQ

Q: Do I have to sign-up to participate?
A: No, every main account should be auto-enrolled in the program.

Q: Will subaccounts have access to the loyalty program?
A: Only main accounts will be enrolled in the loyalty program

  • Subaccounts can earn points for main accounts
  • Subaccounts cannot view the loyalty program dashboard
  • Subaccounts cannot select rewards

Q: How do I earn points?
A: You can earn points in 2 ways:

  1. For every unit sale you earn 1 point (does not include ASE sales)
  2. For reaching milestones and goals in rewards challenges

Q: Are unit sales counted from TeeChip & custom domains?
A: Yes

Q: What are “pending” points vs “available” points?
A: Points accumulate throughout the month in a “pending” status. On the 3rd of each month, all pending points earned in the previous month will move to “available” status.