TeeChip Rewards

TeeChip Rewards is a free membership program that rewards our dedicated sellers! Earn points for each unit sale and complete sales challenges to dramatically boost your points. Exchange your points for incredible prizes and unlock exclusive benefits as you enter new sales tiers.*

Move up to exclusive tiers

As you increase your annual points, you’ll also move up to new “tiers” with new medals. Reach 250,000 points and you’ll enter the exclusive Gold Tier — the first of 4 Premium Tiers that come with incredible seller benefits.

Unlock new tiers as your points increase.

​​​​Premium Tier benefits

TeeChip Rewards Premium Tiers include Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Black Diamond. Sellers in these tiers gain access to exclusive benefits like priority support and gifts for special occasions.

Premium Tier members receive exclusive benefits.

​​​​Enjoy incredible rewards and prizes

As your points quickly increase, so do your rewards options! Chose from a wide selection of premium rewards, ranging from a new iPhone XS to a BMW 320i Luxury Sedan.

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The Points System

How to earn points

  1. Earn 1 point for every unit sold*
  2. Complete sales “challenges” and earn boosted points as you hit checkpoints
  3. Maintain “sales streaks” for boosted points the longer you sell
  4. Earn 3 points for every unit sold on TeeChip.com


Give your points a major boost by participating in monthly challenges and contests. While each event offers a mega points prize upon completion, there are also multiple milestones along the way that also offer exciting bonuses. You can track your progress for challenges and contests by checking the respective status bar from your rewards tab. Every unit sale moves you closer to a milestone, so check back often!

Here’s an example of an active progress bar for a particular challenge:

This challenge is worth 30,000 points but there are two milestone opportunities along the way!*

Sales streaks

Are you a consistent seller? Hit the minimum unit sales requirements for any of our four streak tiers—25, 100, 300, or 800—and maintain that daily minimum for 15, 20, 25, and 30 days respectively to unlock each tier’s maximum multiplier. The multiplier literally multiplies the points you’ve earned that day!

Example: After 20 consecutive days of 100 daily unit sales, you’ll have earned a total of 21,000 points. And after 50 consecutive days of 800+ daily unit sales, you’ll have earned a total of 852,000 points!*

Here are the full details on streaks.

“Pending” vs “available” points

On the 3rd day of every month, “pending” points from the prior month will change to “available” status. Available points can then be redeemed on any of your exclusive TeeChip Rewards.

Have more questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions page for more info on TeeChip Rewards.

*Applies only to eligible unit sales. If a sale is canceled or refunded, points may be rescinded. For additional info on eligible unit sales, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page.
**Disclaimer: All information on this page is subject to the policy outlined in our Terms and Conditions.