Ad mockup generator

Instantly place your designs onto actual models with our brand new mockup generator. Browse our wide selection of photographs to find the perfect look for every campaign.

TeeChip Pro Ad mock up generator

It’s now quick and easy to show customers what your products look like in real life. Here are some features of the mockup generator:

·  Add up to 2 extra mockups per campaign
·  16 products come with additional mockup options
·  Mockup product colors change according to the colors you select
·  Dozens of photographs to choose from

Here’s how to create your mockups:

1. Click “Create campaign” on the homepage.
2. Choose your product and colors.
3. Scroll down and click “Edit” (next to “Selected mockups”).
4. Click the images you wish to use as mockups.
5. Complete and launch your campaign to see your new mockups.

Download and use mockups for your Facebook ads

TeeChip Pro Ad mock up generator gif

Mockups are a great way to improve the look of your Facebook ads. Here’s how to download your completed mockups:

1. Navigate to the finished campaign page.
2. Right-click on the completed mockup image.
3. Move your cursor slightly to the left
4. Right-click again, click “Save Image As”
5. Save your image for use in Facebook ads and emails

Having trouble? Here are some things to note:

·  You cannot add mockups to pre-existing campaigns
·  You must launch your campaign to view your mockups
·  Mockups for phones, posters, and mugs are coming soon