How to launch a campaign

TeeChip makes it easy for anyone to sell their own custom merchandise designs. There are no minimums and no risks. You could sell 1 item or 1000 items—either way, you keep the profits! TeeChip is completely free to use, here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose your products

Go to and click “Launch campaign.” You’ll be directed to the campaign creation page. Select a product from our catalog that you’d like to feature in your campaign.

Step 2: Select product colors

Each product has a variety of colors choices. You can select as many colors as you’d like for no additional cost! Once you’ve selected your colors, click “Done.”

Step 3: Upload your design

Click “Upload file” and select the artwork you want for your product. Move and resize the design until you’ve found your desired placement.

You can add more products by clicking “Add product” on the left. Click “Continue” once you are satisfied with your products and design placement.

Q: What type of format is needed to upload a design?
A: We support .png files with minimum dimensions of 1000px by 1000px.

Step 4: Set your pricing

On the pricing page, you are able to set the price of your products. Under “Sale price”, type in your desired price. Changing the sale price affects your product’s profit margin, which you can see under “Profit / Unit.”

Q: How many products do I need to sell before making profits?
A: There are no minimum order requirements. You will receive profits even if your campaign makes only 1 sale.

Step 5: Create your campaign details

Finally, set a campaign title and description for your customers to see. You will need to add a custom URL for your campaign to go live. If don’t you want your campaign to show up on search results or in the marketplace, click “Private” under “Visibility.”

Q. What is “upsell” and how does it work?
A: TeeChip offers 5 ways to “upsell” your campaigns to increase sales. With upsells, buyers are shown discounted campaigns that they can add to their cart before (or after) checkout. For more information, view our page on upsells.

Step 6:  Launch your campaign

To officially publish your campaign, click “Launch campaign.” If you’re not signed in, you’ll be directed to a login page. You can also click “Sign up” if it’s your first time on our website (don’t worry, it’s 100% free).

Your campaign is now officially live and up for sale! We handle the customer payment, printing, shipping, and customer service so you can focus on building your business.

Congrats! In just 6 simple steps, you’ve created your very own campaign with TeeChip . For more detailed information about our many tools and features, please visit our learning center.

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