How to create a TeeChip storefront

Storefronts on TeeChip are just like storefronts in real life—they showcase a collection of products. We make it easy to create storefronts so you can quickly sort and group your campaigns by category.

Step 1: Navigate to the storefront creation page

Sign in to your TeeChip account, click “Storefronts” and then click “Create storefront” to get started. You’ll be directed to the “New Storefront” page.

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Step 2: Complete your storefront details

Once on the “New Storefront” page, you can give your storefront a title, add a description (optional), create a URL, upload a banner and card image, and add existing campaigns to your storefront.

Q: What if I want to add more campaigns to my storefront later?
A: You can always assign more campaigns to your storefront by going to the “Campaign Info” page, via Campaigns > Details > Campaign details > Storefront.

Step 3: Assign your storefront to a custom domain (optional)

You have the option to assign your new storefront to a custom domain on TeeChip (you must own at least one custom domain). Click the drop-down list under “URL” and select the appropriate custom domain.

Click “Create storefront” and your storefront is officially live. In just 3 simple steps, you’ve created your very own online storefront.

Create a storefront on TeeChip today!

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