Guide to Selling: Create Custom St. Patrick’s Day Merchandise

We’re excited to begin our new Guide to Selling blog posts, which will provide tips on how best to market, design, and sell your items.

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching on March 17. An estimated $4.4 billion was to be spent by Americans alone on St. Patrick’s Day in 2016. It’s an excellent opportunity to design and sell custom merchandise.

Who is St. Patrick?

St. Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland. Self-proclaimed to be kidnapped by Irish pirates in his youth, he later served as a bishop in Ireland. One folk story claims he drove the snakes out of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day

Today, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration in the Irish diaspora and beyond. Traditions include wearing green, parades around major metropolitan areas, and drinking a lot of Guinness. Everyone, Irish or not, can use a bit of custom green for 2017’s celebration.

Fast Facts:


Here are a few t-shirt designs to get you started. Feel free to edit them as you see fit!

If you choose to design your own, make sure your designs are your original work and eye-catching. If you’re confused whether your design might be infringing, please consult our IP Guide.

Facebook Post Language

You’ve designed your campaign and have it up and running. The next step to success is marketing it on social media. We’ve developed a few Facebook posts for you:

Luck of the Irish?

Luck has nothing to do with it. Follow our tips and you’ll be well on your way to a lucrative St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy Selling!
The TeeChip Team