Guide to Selling: Create Custom April Fool's Day Merchandise

Every year on April 1st, there are hoaxes and pranks aplenty. This is the celebration of April Fool’s Day. With its unknown origins and widespread American and European celebration, only one thing is for certain on this day of jest: people and brands alike will try to pull practical pranks on each other.

Shirts and pranks have gone together hand in hand for a long time now. Recently, shirts made their way into the infamous Caltech-MIT prank war, where MIT freshman were greeted with shirts that read “MIT” on the front and “because not everybody can go to Caltech” on the back. Gifting shirts as a prank has continued to be a common practice around April Fool’s Day and a great opportunity to create custom printed apparel just in time for April Fool’s.

There are a wide variety of quality t-shirt designs that can take over the market heading into April Fool’s Day. These range from shirts that are pranks themselves to t-shirts that aim to convince gullible people that an absurd idea is in fact true. Check out some samples of t-shirts we think could be successful come March:

Sample Designs

Advertising Messaging

When marketing these shirts,we recommend emphasizing that they are great prank gifts. This can be accomplished through messaging such as:

Happy Selling

April Fool’s Day is a great fit for holiday-specific designs. Keep some of these tips in mind as you’re selling, and you will be well on your way to a successful April Fool’s Day.

Happy Selling!
The TeeChip Team