Frequently Asked Questions

About TeeChip Pro 

What is TeeChip Pro?

TeeChip Pro is an online platform that allows artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to create and sell custom-printed merchandise.

Does TeeChip Pro cost money to use?

Launching a campaign on TeeChip Pro is 100% free. And don’t worry, we have no minimums, so there’s no penalty if your campaigns don’t sell.

I am new to TeeChip Pro. How should I prepare to launch my first campaign?

  • 2) You can find pricing and sizing information about all TeeChip Pro products in our product guide. We’ve also included free artwork templates to ensure correct design sizing for proper printing.
  • 3) Join our amazing Facebook Global community of sellers and engage with the community to discuss ideas, strategies, and designs to create a successful business. 

What is the difference between TeeChip Pro and TeeChip?

TeeChip Pro is a more powerful platform for sellers and is built off the learnings of its predecessor, TeeChip. As you begin to switch to TeeChip Pro, you’ll notice new tools and features, like marketplace integration, custom domains, built-in email marketing and much more. TeeChip Pro also offers a wider product selection, with access to a wide range of new products: hats, onesies, tote bags, color changing mugs, leggings, and drawstring bags. You can visit our Learning Center for more info on TeeChip Pro’s robust tools and features.

How do I move my campaigns from TeeChip to TeeChip Pro?

TeeChip and TeeChip Pro are two separate platforms, so moving your campaigns over to TeeChip Pro must be done manually. We encourage users to switch to TeeChip Pro so they can take advantage of the platform’s extra tools and features.

How do I access the legacy version of TeeChip?

You can access your archived TeeChip Legacy account for sales and campaign information through the “Legacy Login” on TeeChip Pro. Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login” (in the top-right corner)
  3. Click “Legacy Login”

Campaign questions

What is a campaign?

A campaign represents all of the product offerings for a design(s). In order to make sales, you must first launch a campaign. Campaigns can have a wide range of product colors and pricing, all at the seller’s discretion. For more insight, please review our “How to launch a campaign” blog post.

What is the base price for different products?

TeeChip Pro has a flat-rate base cost system for all products, which makes estimating your profits quick and easy. You can find the complete list of products and base prices on our blog.

Which file format is supported for design upload?

We accept .png files with a minimum area of 1000px by 1000px (without whitespace) with a minimum DPI of 150 and a maximum area of 10,000px by 10,000px.

How do I relaunch my campaign? The “Buy It Now” page shows a timer that my campaign is ending soon.

Campaign are automatically relaunched every 24 hours. You do not have to relaunch campaigns manually. TeeChip Pro provides daily fulfillment which means faster delivery to your customers.

Can I change my campaign’s URL or reuse the URL on another campaign?

Every campaign on TeeChip Pro has a unique URL which means that URLs cannot be edited or reused in another campaign.

Can I edit my campaign after it has launched?

To edit a campaign, go to Campaigns > Details.
  • Click on Products to edit your campaign’s sale price, colors, and product selection.
  • Click on Campaign Details to edit much of the campaign info, as well as the default color and side that is displayed.

Can I add or remove products from my campaign?

To add or remove products from your campaign, go to Campaigns > Details (of a campaign) > Products
  • To add products, click the + Add Product” button near the top-left corner.
  • To remove products, click the Edit” button of the product you wish to remove, then deselect all of the currently offered colors and click Done”.

Where can I find product design dimensions?

You can find product design dimensions on our products and pricing chart.

Where can I find base cost pricing information?

You can find base cost pricing information on our products and pricing chart.

Platform questions 

What features are available on TeeChip Pro?

There are several powerful features on TeeChip Pro, and we are constantly adding more. Here are some of our most popular tools and features: custom domains, marketplace integration, bulk duplicate, coupons, mockup generator, email lead capture, email marketing system, and upsells.

How do I request email addresses from customers that would like to subscribe to my store?

You can request emails from your customers with our email capture tool.” Visit our email capture tool guide for more information.

How do I set up my custom domain?

You can register and purchase your custom domain on TeeChip Pro in just a few clicks!
  1. Log in to TeeChip Pro
  2. Click Domains > Create domain
  3. Provide the information required for your domain and proceed to registration.
  4. Input your desired URL and check for availability.  
  5. Click Proceed to payment” and confirm your purchase.
For more detailed information, please visit our guide, How to create a custom domain.”

How do I download an email list?

To download an email list, go to Campaigns > Details > Email list > Download Subscriber list or Download subscriber list

How do I create and manage subaccounts?

To create a subaccount, go to Campaigns  >  click on your name in the top-right corner  >  Settings >  Accounts (left-side)  >  Add Subaccount

I cannot log in to my account. How do I reset my password?

If you’re having issues logging in to your account, go to, enter your email address, and well send you instructions to reset your password.

What is TeeChip Pro’s copyright policy?

For information about TeeChip’s copyright and intellectual property policy, go to

How do I file a DMCA takedown request?

You can file a DMCA takedown request at the following link:

Who should I reach out to for help if I have other platform-related questions?

You can email our seller support team at or message us on Facebook at TeeChip Seller Success. You can also join our Facebook global community to discuss ideas, strategies, and designs with other sellers and get support from our community managers.

Payout questions

How do I receive profit payouts?

To receive payouts, you must link your verified PayPal account to your TeeChip Pro account. After linking, you have an option of receiving profit through PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer. If you live in a country where PayPal is not available, contact our seller support team at to arrange a solution. 

How long does it take to receive profits?

Your first payout could take up to 5 days because of the initial review process. Once approved, please wait 1-2 hours for your transfer to complete (except for wire transfers, which usually take 2-5 business days). You do not have to wait for campaigns to finish or for customers to receive their orders in order to receive your payout. Profits become available to withdraw 24 hours after you make the sale. 

How is my profit calculated?

Profits are calculated using the following formula:

Profit = ( Revenue Base Cost ) * 93%.        

The processing fee is 7% which is used to cover customer service cost, credit card processing fees, and fraud protection.

What is the minimum number of orders to receive profits?

TeeChip Pro has no minimum orders. You will receive payouts on even a single sale.

What are the different processing fees for Paypal, Payoneer, and wire transfer?

The processing fee for transfers from your TeeChip Pro account to your payment account is as follows: PayPal $0. Payoneer $3. Wire transfer $25.

Note: In the case of a wire transfer, money is transferred directly from your TeeChip Pro account to your bank account. For PayPal and Payoneer, there may be additional charges when transferring funds from your payment account to your bank account.

Do I have to pay taxes on my profits? Will TeeChip Pro provide a 1099 tax form?

Our engineering team is currently working on a feature to allow for simple download of tax information, directly from the TeeChip Pro site. If you have additional questions in the meantime, please contact

Customerrelated questions

How much do customers pay for shipping?

Shipping costs vary depending on the shipping destination and the number of items a buyer purchases. Here’s how we break down our shipping prices for the U.S.
  • Most items are $3.99 for one item + $1.99 per additional item
  • Hoodies are $5.99 for one item + $1.99 per additional item
  • Sweatshirts and mugs are $4.99 for one item + $1.99 per additional item
  • Add $3 for rush shipping on applicable products (mugs and color changing mugs)

How much are the international shipping charges?

International shipping is an extra $2 on top of standard shipping + $1.99 per additional item.

How long does it take for the order to reach customers?

Orders from our production are typically delivered within 5 to 10 business days. International orders can take an additional 1 to 2 weeks due to of transit time. Rush shipping is offered on select products within the U.S.

How do customers contact customer service?

Customers can contact customer service at

If you are taking advantage of our custom domain feature, your customer can contact customer care via https://[YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN]/contact/email. For example, if the custom domain is then the customer service contact will become