Email marketing system

Create beautifully designed marketing emails in a matter of seconds, sent directly to your customers.

Email marketing system

Email made easy

We’ve taken away the hassle of using third-party paid services for your email marketing. Here are some features of the email marking system:

  • Choose from our selection of 30 unique email categories
  • Schedule emails in advance by date and time
  • Choose from 8 different email layout templates
  • Send emails to customers based on the campaign they bought
  • Apply universal coupons to campaigns in your emails

Create and send your email campaign in seconds

Email marketing system

You can generate email campaigns for your customers with ease:

  1. Click “Create email campaign” on the “Emails” page.
  2. Name your campaign and set a deploy date and time.
  3. Choose your title/description from our huge list of options.
  4. Choose the domain and select the campaigns you want to feature.
  5. Add a coupon, if desired.
  6. Choose your layout template and click “Continue.”
  7. Build your email list by adding customers from existing campaigns.
  8. Click “Confirm” and your emails are officially scheduled.

Having trouble? Here are some things to note:

  • You can review and delete unsent email campaigns on the “Emails” page
  • Emails can only be sent to prior customers, once per week
  • You can view past email campaigns under “Sent” on the Emails page
  • If you own a custom domain, your logo will replace the TeeChip logo

Start using the new email marketing system today!