Email lead capture

Email is a great way to organically convert customers after they have visited your campaign. As a result, building an email list has become a top priority for successful sellers.

5 reasons to start building your email list today

One of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing that businesses face is converting traffic into leads or sales. Email capture allows you to convert individuals in the future after leaving your campaign.

Email is targeted.

The user has already shown interest in your products / content. Since you already know what they like, you can deliver them highly relevant content and offers to get better results.

Your email list is a valuable asset to your business.

If you ever plan to sell your business, then you want a big email list. Like your customer list, an email list holds significant value. It’s a tangible measure of your marketing reach.

Email allows you to communicate one-on-one.

Email is a true way to communicate with your customers one-on-one. With both Facebook and Twitter, you have to compete with news, click bait articles, people’s personal posts, other brands, and much more. Email inboxes are far less competitive and you have more control over how your message is displayed.

Email is effective.

Open rates for email marketing messages are generally in the 20 – 30% range, meaning your marketing message is 5X more likely to be seen through an emailthan a Facebook post.

Email is one of the highest converting sales channels.

When compared to other traffic sources, email is one of the highest converting sales channel. Email converts 4X higher than social and over 1.5X higher than search! In order to maximize sales, drive traffic from your marketing emails. The best place to start is by building your email list!

How to begin building your email list on TeeChip

Option 1: Overlay

The overlay is a less obstructive email collection method that appears at the bottom of the screen.

To use an overlay for your campaign page, add ?emailcapture=overlay to end of your campaign URL.

For example:

Option 2: Modal

The modal is a takeover of the full screen with a pop-up.

To use this feature, add ?emailcapture=modal to end of your campaign URL that you are sharing or using for your ads.

For example: