52% of US adults will use a digital coupon in 2017

Learn how to effectively use coupons to boost your sales

Americans are using digital coupons more than ever thanks to the rise of smartphones. Not only are people using coupons more—they love to use them. 59% of consumers claim that digital coupons are the best marketing incentive for making a purchase decision.

Data from Invesp about emails with coupons (source).

As you can see above, coupons are a powerful addition to email marketing. Adding digital coupons to emails resulted in an impressive 34% increase in unique clicks and an almost 50% increase in revenue per email sent.

Free shipping is popular

TeeChip Pro offers 3 kinds of coupons: % discount, $ discount, and free shipping. So which is best? The data points to free shipping. In a recent online survey, 3 out of 4 respondents chose free shipping as their favorite type of online promo, with 46% saying they would even pay a bit more if free shipping was offered.

Test to see what works for your buyers: Free shipping is a fan favorite overall, but every brand is different. It’s wise to test campaigns with and without coupons. You may also consider charging more per item to make up for your cut in profit.

Best practices for coupons

·  Percent discounts are better than $ discounts ( ‘Rule of 100’)
·  Provide a short reason for the discount (e.g., seasonal, limited-time offer)
·  Offer more discounts at the end of the month
·  Make discounts easy to compute (e.g., 20% off is better than 22% off)
·  Always A/B test and experiment to find the best coupon strategy

How to set up a coupon on TeeChip Pro

Step 1 – Create a coupon

Creating a coupon in TeeChip Pro is simple:

1. Sign in and stay on the “Campaigns” page. Scroll down.
2. Find the campaign you want to add a coupon to and click “Details.”
3. Click “Coupons” in the navigation bar.
4. Click “Add Coupon.”
5. Name your coupon. We named ours YES20. Avoid special characters.
6. Select the coupon type and amount. Click “Add Coupon.”
7. Your new coupon has been created.

Step 2 – Get your custom URL for sharing

Sharing your coupon is easy to do:

1. Remember the name of the coupon you want to use. We’re using YES20.
2. Click the “Share” button in the top-right corner.
3. Look to the right of “Coupon”, click “Copy”. The URL is now copied.
4. Paste the copied URL into your browser (or in your Facebook ad, email, etc)
5. Replace “your_coupon” in the URL with your coupon name.
6. To preview the coupon in your web browser, hit enter on your keyboard.
7. Your coupon is complete. Use this new URL for all your promotions.

PRO TIP : Make sure you don’t send customers the coupon code — it doesn’t work with TeeChip Pro. Always use the custom URL when sharing coupons.

Apply universal coupons to your entire domain

Universal coupon creation follows the same steps as above, but these coupons have a broader use and can be applied to campaigns across an entire domain. To get to the universal coupons page, first sign in, click Domains > Details > Coupons> Add Coupons.