Bundle & Save

Increase Your AOVs With This New Feature – We’ve just tested and released a new feature that will increase your AOVs, called “Bundle & Save.”

What’s Bundle?

Bundle pricing is offering a set of products for a lower price than each of these products separately. This new feature on TeeChip allows you to tempt your shoppers with a second product and a discount if they buy them together.

How is Bundle & Save different from Frequently Bought Together?

Bundle and Save will feature a discount if a bundle is added. The Frequently Bought Together does not include a discount.

Here’s How It Works

Shopper’s experience with Bundle & Save

Here’s How To Set It Up

  1. In the Seller Dashboard, select an existing Campaign/ Campaign Details. Under Bundle and Save, select “Add Product”.
  2. Bundle it by selecting a product from another campaign within the same domain.
  3. Specify the discount % that the customer receives if the customer buys both products. Don’t worry, we’ll automatically limit the maximum discount you can set so that the bundle will always be profitable.
  4. “Done” – That’s it! Buyers will start to see the bundle offer, and your AOVs will start to increase.
  5. You can come back to edit the set-up Bundle on Campaign Details page anytime to optimize its performance

Setup Bundle & Save in Campaign Details

In order to simplify potential coupon conflicts, be aware of these details:

  1. The only type of promotion that this discount stacks with is Free Shipping.
  2. If any item is affected by any other discount, the bundle discount will be removed.
  3. A Buyer can only purchase one unique bundle (Product A + Product B) per order.
  4. Bundling discounts will be automatically removed if you are running site wide promotions.

Bundling is proven to increase AOVs and easy to setup. So, what are you waiting for?