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Whether you’re aiming to add color or comfort, area rugs are the perfect addition to any space. As a seller, you should treat area rugs as a blank canvas with plenty of size and design combinations to entice a large audience of buyers. Before you start creating a new campaign, keep reading to learn about important design guidelines, seller tips, and more.

Product Details

Area Rugs Product Details

Our area rugs come in nine sizes, including rectangle and round shapes. Learn more about each product in the table below.

Product Name Product Details Download Design Template
18″ x 30″ Area Rug See more Download here
30″ x 18″ Area Rug See more Download here
2′ x 3′ Area Rug See more Download here
3′ x 2′ Area Rug See more Download here
4′ x 6′ Area Rug See more Download here
6′ x 4′ Area Rug See more Download here
5′ Round Area Rug See more Download here
9′ x 12′ Area Rug See more Download here
12′ x 9′ Area Rug See more Download here

Design Guide

To ensure optimal printing and buyer satisfaction, it is crucial that you follow our design guidelines below. The most important note is in order to avoid your campaign being taken down, all design elements you want to show in the final product should sit within the Safe Area and the artwork must flow into the Bleed Area. This is to guarantee that your customers receive their products as they are pictured online.

Print Guidelines

Safe Area: All important text and design elements should be placed in this area, indicated by the blue dotted lines. Details outside this Safe Area may be cut off when printing.

Actual Product Size: This is the true product size customers receive, by the solid orange lines. Think of this area as the main product guide.

Bleed Area: The Bleed Area, indicated by the solid red lines, accounts for printer fluctuations and is where your design may also appear. To ensure the best print job, artwork must flow into the Bleed Area.

Things to Avoid

  • Placing important design elements outside of the Safe Area
  • Artwork that does not fill up the Bleed Area
  • Artwork that includes an even border

Any campaigns that do not follow the above print guidelines will be removed immediately to ensure buyer satisfaction.

Trends to Showcase

Need some design inspiration? These trends are popular for area rugs, especially those with personalization options.

Personalized nursery

A new baby’s room should be special, so offer a personalizable area rug that tells the world they’ve arrived.

Nursery area rug
Moroccan rug

Moroccan style

A mix of unique patterns, shapes, and colors make Moroccan-style rugs highly coveted for their compatibility with different room themes.

Personalized welcome mats

These fun mats make for great housewarming gifts or an easy way hosts can welcome guests with a personalized approach.

Personalized welcome mats
Vintage area rug


These perfectly faded rugs are popular among people who are going for rustic vibes or want a beautiful contrast with their modern furniture.


Longer CTAs that are ideal for Facebook:

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  • We’ve got your home upgrade covered with a brand new area rug. Shop now!

Shorter CTAs that are ideal for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest:

  • Out with the old, in with the new – area rugs are here! Shop now.
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