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Hey there! Guess what? We are full-on ready for Spring 2021! Curious to know which products and designs are trending? We totally got you covered. Up next are our top-selling product tips for April’s upcoming holiday campaigns.

Oh, and don’t miss out on Easter weekend! Check out our Easter Selling Guide for more Easter-focused tips and insights.

April Calendar


Let’s give April a warm welcome with TeeChip’s best-selling products!

Our t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, mugs, posters, and phone cases never disappoint.

Launch your most creative designs on these April trending products!

Have fun with our custom products: Fleece blankets, wrapped canvas prints, doormats, high waist leggings, and all-over totes.

Top Niche Events


April Fools’ Day (April 1)

Aren’t we all suckers for jokes and pranks? Well, we totally are… until the joke is on us. Still, it’s fun to see others smile and laugh. April Fools’ has been stealing the stage for the past few years, so businesses and creators definitely shouldn’t letting this occasion slip away.

April Fools' Day


  • Don’t be fooled! Trust your instinct and get this deal.
  • Shop the best April Fools’ Day selection!
  • The joke’s on you if you let this sale slip away!

Earth Day (April 22)

Let’s honor mother earth together by offering the best personalized products. Your customers will be able to add a special touch to their order, and no tote bag, tumbler, notebook, or accessory will ever be the same. Talk about making every day special. Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day


  • Add a personal touch to your order. Shop Now.
  • Make every gift special. Customize yours today!
  • No piece will ever be the same. Get yours today!

Arbor Day (April 30)

Feature your best Arbor Day designs on fun and original stickers. Think nature-themed designs and plenty of trees. Share a fabulous sticker collection with your audience so they can decorate all of their personal belongings while you watch your sales go through the roof.

Arbor Day


  • Nature lover? Don’t miss out on this incredible deal!
  • Shop now before it sells out!
  • Buy now. Low on stock.

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