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One of the hottest trends in interior design is to blend old elements with the new. The wall clock is one of those timeless pieces that serve an aesthetic function as well as a decorative one.

Our new wall clock comes in many decorative styles and themes. It can be used to liven up a dull space or to leave a memorable impression on visitors. This new offering will help sellers break into the lucrative interior design market.

Product Details

Design Inspiration


For all of the animal enthusiasts out there, try out some different animal faces and silhouettes that appeal to both children and adults.


Highlight themes related to sports, personal hobbies, and niche interests for a personalized wall clock design


Some customers may be keen on displaying the pride they take in their work with a career-themed wall clock. Think doctors, teachers, and everyone in between.

Fruit slice

For a quirky, fun influence, give some fruit slices a go on your wall clock designs for a warm, tropical vibe


For the ultra artsy crowd, use mesmerizing abstract designs that add a splash of wonder and mystery into any space.

World map

For the avid geography buff or the younger ones learning the wonders of our world, use the globe to inspire your wall clock designs.


  • The ideal housewarming gift for friends and family. Shop designs!
  • Give the gift of a timeless decorative piece. View designs!
  • An instant makeover to a dull space. Get yours today!

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