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TeeChip exists to empower ecommerce entrepreneurs worldwide. We’ve grown over the years because of our partnership with our seller community, and many sellers have built successful ecommerce businesses on our platform.

We are 100% committed to supporting the vast majority of our sellers, who bring their creativity, hard work and passion to TeeChip every day.

Our partnership comes with responsibilities for our sellers. One of the most important responsibilities is to ensure that the content sellers upload to TeeChip does not violate our terms of use.

TeeChip does not permit hateful content, and we will take swift action to address any such content uploaded to our site. We unequivocally stand against hate.

The full list of prohibited content types can be found in our terms of use, under “Conditions of Use.” Campaigns that include prohibited content will be immediately removed and the sellers responsible will be banned from TeeChip.

Our platform is open to anyone who wants to create an ecommerce store, and with that openness comes the possibility that some people will upload content that violates our terms of use. We work hard to prevent and remove hateful content through a number of processes, including notice and takedown, terminating the accounts of violating sellers, and screening for and updating the set of hate-related terms that we monitor for.

Every product created by a seller on TeeChip also carries a link to “Report this campaign” for violations of our terms of use.

Our mission is to enable creative entrepreneurs to easily start their own ecommerce businesses. To achieve this mission, we will continue to work side by side with our legitimate seller community and to improve our systems for monitoring and removing prohibited content.

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