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While there’s talk of easing back into a new normal, much of the US remains under shelter-in-place instructions. Many cities have even extended the safety rules for another full month. Fully prepared to handle these prospects, consumers are snapping up time-tested indoor games, depleting supply, and driving up prices.

If you’re in the spirit to spread some good old fashioned cheer with a product that’s virtually been selling itself, then you don’t want to miss out on jigsaw puzzles!

Jigsaw Puzzle Product Details

While they’re built for fun, you’ll find the finished product good enough to hang as a work of art!

Shipping destinations: USA

Design Inspiration

Here are some designs to help inspire your first jigsaw puzzle design.


For many parents, this is a rare occasion to share something they grew up playing with their own parents. Make your designs friendly for everyone involved.

Geometric Patterns

What’s the fun if you don’t feel a little challenged? Even better, once complete, a geometric design will be versatile enough to use as wall art!


For the puzzle thrill-seekers, here’s one that will keep them going for hours.

Hidden Puzzles

Add a hidden element to your puzzle for an extra bit of fun!


  • Old school fun meets new school pizzazz. Check out all of our fun puzzle designs!
  • Kid-friendly, mom-approved—you’re going to love these puzzles!
  • Jigsaw puzzles exercise the left and right sides of your brain at once. Let’s get working!

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