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June typically marks a time of transition from spring into summer. This year, June is marked largely by communities transitioning into the next phase of reopening. We hope all of you are continuing to stay safe, regardless of your situation. In the meantime, we’ve been hard at work on several new updates to make your TeeChip experience all the more delightful.

New Lifestyle Mockups

Picture perfect lifestyle mockups for canvases & face masks

We did it again! We’ve added more lifestyle mockups to help take your product pages to the next level. This time around, these TeeChip exclusives are livening up your canvas & face mask campaigns.

Platform Updates

Production lead time now available on our COVID-19 response page

As we remain vigilant and responsive to the many ways that COVID-19 has affected our business, we want to give you a better idea of our progress. Through the new “Production Lead Time” section of our COVID-19 response page, you’ll find updates on the amount of time it currently takes to print and prepare a particular item for shipping. Like you, we want to see as few delays on this chart as possible, but we also understand that many providers have been forced to make sweeping changes to how they operate. We’re doing everything we can to minimize the impact on you and the buyer community.

ARPV Improvements

Persistent labels on checkout pages

As buyers move through checkout form fields, they’ll now have a constant reminder of the information being requested. This effort has already increased ARPV by 1.5%.

Persistent labels on checkout pages

Product title and price atop product image

For product pages viewed through mobile, the product title and price now sits atop the product image. These efforts have resulted in increased ARPV.

TeeChip Rewards

The June Challenge ends on July 3rd, just in time for July’s challenge

From 07/01/2020 to 07/31/2020, rev up your tank top sales and pick up all the milestone bonuses!

  • Sell 500 units and earn 5000 points
  • Sell 2000 units and earn 20000 points
  • Sell 5000 units and earn 50000 points
  • Sell 10000 units and earn 125000 points

Ready to get started?


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