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The coronavirus pandemic has upended daily life for millions, and how governments worldwide are choosing to respond can vary greatly. In the US alone, there are substantial variations in how each state has decided to reopen and recover. These differences reflect the fact that what is to come is still very much unknown.

That brings us to the purpose of this guide. We want to help you prepare for a successful summer. In this guide, you’ll find the details that we do know about reopenings and recovery efforts and how you can best leverage the information.

Summer Camp

Many parents are fretting over summer plans at the news that many camps have announced plans to close or cancel their summer sessions. Camps are making these decisions on an individual basis.


Local pools may be open, depending on state and local restrictions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chemicals used to treat pool water, like chlorine and bromine, should “inactivate the virus in the water.” The risk lies in shared spaces railings or ladders to get into the water, tables, chairs, benches, bathroom stalls, and more that might not be sanitized properly.


Just like in pools, the concern about the virus spreading has little to do with swimming in the water. Rather, there’s concern that people on shore will not observe social distancing guidelines.

In many areas, beaches have already begun reopening. New Jersey reopened in time for Memorial Day, while Florida opened its beaches several weeks ago. Harder-hit areas have restricted beach areas to only allow dynamic activities like jogging.


Many countries, including the US, have restrictions on international travel, but industry experts expect that interstate travel will gain some momentum.

TeeChip Resources

In short, states are moving forward with reopening plans. While some may be farther ahead than others, all states are carefully reminding citizens to practice safety measures to ensure the recovery process is a successful one.

This is great news for sellers—you can count on many of summer’s bestsellers to remain that way. In case you need a reminder on what those are, here’s our list of summer favorites and the selling guide associated with them:

Summer Apparel

Outdoor Accessories

For more information on how states are reopening and what exactly has been reopened, visit the USA Today’s map.

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