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As you may have heard, our hands have been quite full with the constantly changing responses to COVID-19. However, we’re hanging on (we hope you are too!) and remain committed to releasing delightful updates.

New Products

Stretch your sales further with yoga mats

As some of us are spending time learning to become one with the couch, many others have decided to use the time at home to develop healthier habits, including fitness routines. This has led to a surge in demand for fitness accessories, yoga mats included. We see this trend staying for a while as the public continues to practice social distancing and staying away from fitness studios.

Learn more with our Yoga Mat Selling Guide.

Yoga Mats

Launch your career as the next Van Gogh with printed canvases

While a bit more sophisticated than posters, canvas prints are still versatile enough to light up any room. And with everyone going stir crazy indoors, it may just be the item that breathes much needed life into a drab space.

Learn more with our Canvas Selling Guide.


New Mockups

132 new mockups for 12 cut and sew products to jazz up your product pages

It’s time to liven up your storefronts with these new TeeChip exclusives! Check out the lifestyle mockup additions for these AOS products: quilts (baby, twin, and queen), low top sneakers, high-top sneakers, full zip hoodies, and hoodies.

Platform Updates

Sub-Accounts Permission

Assign profit visibility permissions for sub-accounts

Under account settings, you now have the ability to control the level of visibility a sub-account has into the profits and stats of your domains. To change these permissions settings, head over to Settings>Accounts, then select “Manage” for the account you’d like to adjust settings for.

Sub-Accounts Permission

Upsell Landing Page

We’re giving upsell landing pages a much needed facelift, but not without proper testing

To maintain a consistent look and feel with the rest of the customer experience, we’re upgrading upsell landing pages to match current upsell modals and emails.

Upsell Landing Page

Seller Dashboard 2.0

The UI/UX you love with BIG improvements

We’ve been gradually collecting feedback and testing a host of new features that would add the most value for sellers without sacrificing user experience. The end result is more flexibility and customization options than ever!

For a complete list of upgrades and features, check out the blog post here.

TeeChip Rewards

June 15 marks the end of May’s stacked challenge, but have no fear—the June Challenge is here!

From 06/04/2020 to 07/03/2020, rack up the points with canvas sales!

  • Sell 100 units and earn 3,000 points
  • Sell 400 units and earn 9,000 points
  • Sell 1000 units and earn 18,000 points
  • Sell 2000 units and earn 30,000 points

Make it to 2000 units and earn a total of 60,000 points!

Ready to get started?


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