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Similar to wrapped canvas, hanging canvas prints add a touch of style and sophistication to any room. However, unlike every other art print, hanging canvases have the unique ability to add drama. Instead of hiding its hanger and hook behind the artwork, hanging canvases leave them on full display and add some degree of movement from not being pinned to the wall.

Hanging Canvas Product Details

Durable and vibrant, our hanging canvases are made to be displayed for the long term.

Design Inspiration

Vintage Map

Use the old-world charm of this medium’s construction to the fullest extent and replicate a worn down vintage map for display.


The exposed wooden components of our hanging canvases can give them a rustic look. Add farmhouse animals to emphasize this trait.

Inspirational Quotes

Regardless of the medium, everyone loves a good inspirational quote. Use a unique font to help yours stand out.

Music Sheet

You don’t need to know how to play the Star Spangled Banner or Amazing Grace to know they’re beautiful songs. Add the music sheet to your design and turn it into the art it truly is!


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