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April has been quite a month for us. Our teams are hard at work to ensure operations run as normally as we can manage for the larger community. Our engineering and product teams are no different, diligently releasing new updates to help improve user processes and experiences. We hope this month’s updates serve you well!

New Products

Cover up and stay safe with cloth masks and neck gaiters

Upon release, our mask items have quickly climbed the ranks to become top-sellers. The CDC has recommended that people use masks in high-density public places, and as more cities reiterate the advice in their transition to a new normal, we expect demand for mask items will remain steady. We’ve taken extra measures to add new production facilities and quality control steps to meet this demand.

Cloth Mask & Neck Gaiter

The crème de la crème of AOS products, it’s our cut and sew line

Our all-over sublimated products have been a long-time favorite among shoppers. We took this as a signal to take AOS to the next level with cut and sew items. You’ll find the cut and sew line features the highest quality printing and most accurate graphics placement.

Platform Updates

Reducing cancellations with a warning modal

We’re constantly refining the customer experience. In this latest round, we’re minimizing the chances that customers accidentally add too much of one item to their cart. By showing a modal that asks whether they are sure about the quantity, we give customers a chance to double-check and correct their order. In testing, we’ve seen the modal reduce cancellations by around 15% while the average CR and cart size stayed the same.

Reducing cancellations with a warning modal

SEO improvements for custom domain footers

Navigate more easily with additions to the Explore section

Who loves navigation improvements? Google and your customers!. Navigation improvements like this one help search engines like Google easily crawl your site for relevant content to show searchers. Similarly, this update helps visitors on your site quickly find and jump to popular storefronts and a directory for all tags

Explore section

Find all public storefront listed within the storefronts directory

With the storefronts directory page, customers can quickly access and discover all your public storefronts. To avoid confusing visitors, keep your storefront titles clear and concise. For example, use “Festina Lente Jewelry” instead of “Festina Lente Custom Heart Necklaces, Custom Circle Bracelets, and More.”

A storefronts directory example from

Customers can discover new products and shop by tags using the tags directory

For shoppers who prefer to shop all products under a particular theme, the new tags directory will be mighty helpful. This page lists all tags that belong to your domain. Avoid overloading this page by gather sub-tags into larger, general groups. For example, instead of separate tags like “fishing”, “knitting” and “reading”, you could put them into one “hobbies” or “interests” tag.

A tags directory example from

TeeChip Rewards

With the April Challenge over, it’s time for our biggest challenge yet!

This month, we’re doubling the challenges and stacking up your opportunities to earn. Choose from our 12 new product Cut and Sew additions:

  • Men’s hoodies
  • Women’s hoodies
  • Men’s zip hoodies
  • Women’s zip hoodies
  • Men’s low top shoes
  • Women’s low top shoes
  • Men’s high top shoes
  • Women’s high top shoes
  • Quilts (baby, throw, twin, queen)

From 05/01/2020 to 05/31/2020, earn extra points when you hit the latest challenge milestones.

  • Sell 25 units and earn 750 points
  • Sell 100 units and earn 2,250 points
  • Sell 500 units and earn 12,000 points

Then stack on the points from 05/10/2020 to 06/15/2020 with classic t-shirts!

  • Sell 1000 units and earn 10,000 points
  • Sell 4000 units and earn 30,000 points
  • Sell 8000 units and earn 100,000 points
  • Sell 15000 units and earn 120,000 points
  • Sell 20000 units and earn 140,000 points

Ready to get started?


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