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When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
March has been a doozy for us all, but don’t think for a second we let it set us back. Instead, we doubled down and rolled out a few awesome platform updates. Read all about it!

Bundle & Save

Incentivize shoppers to buy more and save

What does it look like when your customers save more money and you sell more merch? It looks like our Bundle & Save feature! This new promotion allows you to offer more than one product as a single combined bundle for a discounted price. See how you can set up your first Bundle & Save promo in this post: Bundle & Save

Bundle & Save

ARPV Boosting Initiatives

Post-Purchase Upsell Updates

Following repeated tests of several wording variations for our post-purchase upsell, we have a clear winner. “Complete your bundle” generated a 15-18% lift in post-purchase upsells as well as a .5% increase in overall revenue.

For shoppers, this feature activates on the cart page as a modal that prompts them to consider adding more items. The modal will pop up at every visit provided the following three conditions are met:

  • You’ve configured it within the Seller Dashboard
  • The shopper has items in their cart
  • The first item in the shopper’s cart belongs to a storefront that contains additional products

Upsell Modal in Shopping Cart

Please note that this upsell modal and the Bundle & Save feature are completely separate.

Direct to Checkout

In order to minimize the chances that shoppers wander away and fail to complete their purchase, we’ve added a new buy flow to the upsell modal. Once the buyer adds an item from the upsell modal to their cart, they’re sent directly to the checkout page instead of the cart page. In our tests, the “direct to checkout” flow increased ARPV by 2.7% compared to the normal flow.

Direct to Checkout

TeeChip Rewards

The March Challenge is over which can only mean one thing—the April Challenge is on!

Our April Challenge features what many would consider a must-have: phone cases!

  • Sell 100 units and earn 1,500 points
  • Sell 400 units and earn 6,000 points
  • Sell 2000 units and earn 22,500 points

Ready to get started?


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