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Quilts are a popular type of bedding that can evoke a lot of nostalgic connotations. Both an artistic pursuit and a manufacturing style, quilts feature stitching that spans across the entire piece. While traditional American quilt designs include double wedding rings, log cabins, patchwork, and flying geese, today’s modern print techniques and consumer preferences have opened doors for a variety of new ideas. The product itself is highly versatile, lightweight enough for summer use or as a winter topper with a comforter underneath.

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Cut and Sew Quilts Product Details

Soft and comfortable from the inside out, our cut and sew quilts are the perfect item for snuggling into.

Shipping destination: US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands.

Size Baby Throw Twin Queen
Artwork template Download hereDownload hereDownload hereDownload here
Minimum DPI 100 100 100 100
Base price $21.00 $26.00 $31.00 $34.00
Suggested sales price 39.95 49.95 59.95 69.95
Print dimensions 41 x 51in (6002x7502px) 51 x 61in (7502x9002px) 61 x 71in (9002x10502px) 71 x 81in (10502x12002px)
Product details Featuring 100% polyester shell fabric and staple fiber padding, this quilt is designed to be soft and durable.
Note: The quilt does not feature individually stitched patches—only the quilt’s border is cut and sewn.

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Design Inspiration


Achieve the traditional quilt look by adding a patchwork-like print in your favorite patterns and colors.

Horoscopes and Birth Months

The month we were born and all the lore associated with it becomes something special for every individual. Help them embrace it with a personalized approach.

Traditional American

For homes with a more rustic look, appeal to the decorator’s senses with traditional quilt schemes which can include double wedding rings, log cabins, patchwork, and flying geese.

Geometric Animals

Geometric transformations can turn any old design into something unique and eyecatching.


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