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February may have been the shortest month of the year, but you’d never know it judging by these platform updates—our team definitely made each day count!

ARPV Boosting Initiatives

Search 2.0

We’ve completely revamped our search function to improve results and shorten load times. With Search 2.0, users get results that are more relevant to them in a quarter of the time it used to take. Since rolling out, these tailored and faster results have already driven a 1% lift in platform-wide revenue. We see the potential for this number to rise even higher as we expand this feature to customers.

Here’s a quick comparison of search results for “Cat” on Search 1.0 versus Search 2.0:

Search 1.0 – 27,335 results
This can overwhelm shoppers and turn them off from buying.

Search 2.0 – 43 results
By showing tailored results that feature newer and more diverse products, shoppers can more easily find items they’re most likely to buy.

Email Collection at Cart Page

Retargeting is undoubtedly a powerful tactic to continue reminding shoppers of items that caught their eye. To ensure we capture a larger number of shoppers before they bounce, we’ve added an email collection form to our cart page (before they even get to the checkout page). This has resulted in a small platform-wide revenue boost of 0.83% and has allowed us to capture 3% more email addresses for retargeting campaigns.

Mobile view

Desktop view

New Mockups

77 New and exclusive lifestyle mockups

We told you it’d be worth the wait—we’ve got 77 new lifestyle mockups to share for the following products:

  • Apparel: Classic T-shirt (5), Hooded Sweatshirt (4), Baseball Tee (5), All-over T-shirt (5)
  • Home & Living: Woven Rug 3’x2’  (3), Woven Rug 6’x4’ (2), Table Runner 72”x16” (2), Table Runner 90”x16” (2), Bath Mat 24”x17” (2), Bath Mat 34”x21” (2), Window Curtain – Blackout (2), Premium Beach Towel (4), Bath Towel (6), Tea Towel (5), Duvet Covers – All Sizes – 1 of each size (4)
  • Accessories: Weekender Bags (5)
  • Jewelry: Circle Earring (3), Teardrop Earrings (3), Cord Circle Bracelet (3), Metallic Circle Bracelet (2), Metallic Circle Necklace (4), Metallic Heart Necklace (4)

If you liked this announcement, you’re going to love next month’s too. Hint: more new lifestyle mockups!

TeeChip Rewards

A big congrats to February’s champs and an “Are you ready!?” to March’s challengers!

Our March Challenge features the versatile decor and art product: posters! So put your all to the walls and get those pieces flying off the shelves!

  • Sell 200 units and earn 2000 points
  • Sell 800 units and earn 6000 points
  • Sell 4000 units and earn 32000 points

Ready to get started?