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Pet owners will agree that their furry friends are undoubtedly a member of the family. This means pets get their own dinner bowls, toys, beds—you name it! But that doesn’t mean pet owners are willy-nilly about the products they buy.

Here’s everything you need to know about pet beds to sell to even the pickiest owners!

Pet Bed Product Details

Talk about the perfect item for furry friends everywhere!

Design Inspiration

Here are some designs to help inspire your first pet bed design.


Put those irresistible little beanies on display by featuring them as a design!


Highlight the item’s use by adding a cute naping graphic.

Cat Breed

Owners of a specific breed of cats are often proud of their heritage. Help them show off a little by making it a central part of your design.

Dog Breed

Dog owners attribute many of their pet’s behaviors to the breed and can be endlessly proud of it.


  • A throne worthy of his royal highness, this pet bed was created with extra cuddling comfort in mind. Your dog will thank you!
  • Give your pooch a comfy and snuggly spot to curl up with this plush dog bed.
  • Give your favorite fur child his own cozy space with this comfortable pet bed.