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Santa isn’t the only one who’s good at gifting. The TeeChip team also delivered several exciting updates this past December. Let’s unwrap them together!

Blanket Mockups

At the design stage, you’ll now see 3 different colored lines on the blanket, each indicating a different area.

  • Blue = the safe area indicates that everything within this zone will get printed
  • Orange = the product size
  • Red = the print area, aka the bleed, which creates a printing buffer zone and ensures that the design will always cover the entire printable area. We recommend filling up this area with background design.

TeeChip Rewards

The December Hoodie Challenge has ended and the January Challenge is on!

We’re helping you ring in the new year with some serious points. Starting 1/1/20, the January Challenge features all 21 new products—decorative pillows, duvet covers, comforters, coral fleece blankets, sherpa fleece blankets, pillow shams, placemats, aprons, woven rugs, runners, shower curtains, bath mats, bath towels, premium bath towels, tea towels, window curtains, wall tapestries, pet beds, all-over totes, weekender totes, and accessories pouches.

For this challenge:

  • Sell 25 units to earn 750 points
  • Sell 100 units to earn 2250 points
  • Sell 500 units to earn 12000 points

Ready to get started?