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Our sellers are our top priority, which is why we want you to have the best 2020 holiday sales season. Here you can find exciting TeeChip rewards, important updates regarding cutoff dates for shipping, and top-notch selling guides to boost your sales. We are confident that our promos and contests will give your profits an outstanding boost this holiday season! We advise you to bookmark this page so you are the first one to know about our new surprises.


From November 16th to November 26th

Blast Promo
Cut and Sew Promo

Blast Promo

$0.25 off 3K base costs for all products to all sellers tiers

Here’s how our best selling products’ prices for the 2020 holiday season look:

Best Selling Products Base Cost Promo Base Cost
Classic T-shirt $6.00 $5.25
Ladies T-shirt $6.50 $5.75
V-Neck T-shirt $9.50 $8.25
Lady Flowy Tank $8.00 $6.75
Premium Fit Ladies Tee $11.50 $10.25
Premium Fit Men’s Tee $11.50 $10.25
Youth T-shirt $7.00 $5.75
All-over T-shirt $8.00 $7.25

Once in a lifetime Cut & Sew Promo

BONUS: new mockups with close-up views, which have been proven to deliver higher conversion rates! Now enjoy our remarkable promotion with these winter favorites:

Cut & Sew Products Base Cost Promo Base Cost
Men's Cut & Sew AOP Hoodie $27.00 $20.00
Women's Cut & Sew AOP Hoodie $27.00 $20.00
Men's Cut & Sew AOP Zip Hoodie $32.00 $28.00
Women's Cut & Sew AOP Zip Hoodie $32.00 $28.00
Men's Low Top White Shoes $30.00 $28.00
Women's Low Top White Shoes $30.00 $28.00
Men's High Top White Shoes $30.00 $28.00
Women's High Top White Shoes $30.00 $28.00
40"x50" - Baby Quilt $24.00 $21.00
50" x 60" - Throw Quilt $30.00 $26.00
60" x 70" - Twin Quilt $36.00 $31.00
70" x 80" - Queen Quilt $40.00 $34.00

Latest Updates

Temporary unavailability

Updated December 21ST, 2020

Premium Fit Ladies Tee: Orange(XL, 2XL)
Hooded Sweatshirt: Kiwi(L, 2XL, 5XL), Charcoal Grey(4XL, 5XL), Light Pink(4XL, 5XL), White(5XL), Forest Green(4XL, 5XL), Purple(4XL, 5XL), Irish Green(4XL, 5XL), Gold(5XL), Dark Chocolate(4XL, 5XL), Ash(5XL), Heliconia(4XL, 5XL), Royal Blue(5XL), Carolina Blue(4XL, 5XL), Light Blue(5XL), Orange(4XL, 5XL), Red(4XL, 5XL), Gold(4XL)
Ladies T-Shirt: Dark Chocolate(M, L, XL), Orange(XL)
V-Neck T-Shirt: Neon Pink(XS), Brown(L, XL, 2XL), Team Purple(2XL)
Longsleeve Tee: Black (5XL), Dark Chocolate(5XL)
Crewneck Sweatshirt: Safety Green(All), Charcoal Grey(4XL ,5XL), Gold(5XL), Irish Green(XL, 5XL), Sports Grey(4XL, 5XL), Light Blue(4XL, 5XL), Maroon(4XL), Light Pink(L, XL, 3XL, 4XL), Purple(XL, 4XL), Heliconia(4XL), Red(4XL), Dark Chocolate(SM, L, XL, 4XL), White(XL)
Unisex Tank: Black(L, 2XL), White(XL, 2XL)
Baseball Tee: Purle(3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL) Lime(2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL), Bright Pink(4XL, 6XL), Black(4XL), Heather(4XL, 6XL), Maroon(5XL, 6XL), Royal Blue(6XL), Forest(5XL, 6XL), Deep Orange(6XL), Red(5XL)

Holiday Cutoff Dates

Updated November 12th, 2020

Please keep in mind the following cutoff dates*, so you can ensure orders arrive before December 25th:

*Due to Covid-19, delivery services have advised customers to prepare for order delays. International orders estimated shipping time will vary depending on the destination. Advise your international customers to order before December 1st to be safe!

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