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Wall tapestries—the perfect solution for turning big empty walls into an inviting part of the home, for helping soundproof thin walls, for replacing headboards, and for veering away from traditional art pieces! Here’s how to get started selling your own tapestry masterpiece.

Wall Tapestry Product Details

Tapestries are a work of art, so we used the same careful considerations when it came to material and manufacturing.

Design Inspiration

Here’s some inspiration for your first wall tapestry design.


In a world of digital maps, hard copies have made an ironic comeback as decor pieces. Take it to the next level with tapestry maps to give it a more authentic feel.


Help yogis achieve zen in their own homes through inspiring tapestries.


Wall tapestries have yet to become a decor staple, something that will resonate with Bohemian culture which embraces the unconventional.


Who says you have to travel to see the world? Help shoppers bring it home by adding incredible landscapes to your tapestry design.


  • Transform that blank wall into a work of art with our bold prints!
  • Add a little sunshine into any room with the help of this beautiful wall tapestry. Your style inspiration awaits!
  • Bring the good vibes home with our wall tapestries. They’re calling your name!