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We’re a little late to the Halloween party but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any treats to share!

Bulk Duplicate 2.0

We nixed ratio requirements and introduced live previews.

We hear you—the ratio requirements weren’t cool, so we’ve completely ditched them and introduced live preview. This means you can admire your work of art mid-progress as well as make adjustments to ensure the different ratios display correctly.

Average Order Volume Experiments

It’s not rocket science but our experiments may send your AOV through the roof.

After rigorous testing and retesting, we’ve successfully increased AOV to 1.35 units per order. The Experiments task force is ready to open AOV improvement measures to sellers, including buy page upsell, embedded upsell, matching items, and the free shipping progress bar. You can activate them all through your Custom Domain settings.

Coming soon: ARPV experiments

Buy Page Improvements

Add up to 3 related products

Increase the chances of your shoppers falling hopelessly in love with more of your products by adding up to three related products on the campaign details page.

Exciting UX updates

It’s about time we upgraded Buy pages. Specifically, we made changes to filtering options, list pages, as well as product pages to ensure a consistent experience across the board

UI components now share standardized sizing, positioning, and padding.

Product listings and filter options are now better balanced across the page.

TeeChip Rewards

October Socks Challenge has ended but the November Challenge is on!

Our new Bedding Challenge (i.e. blankets, pillow shams, comforters, and duvet covers) is in full swing until the end of November, and there are major points to be earned.

  • Sell 25 units and earn 750 points
  • Sell 100 units and earn 2250 points
  • Sell 500 units and earn 12000 points


Here’s the status on our Mega Promo Series:

Promo batch #1

We kicked things off with some pretty exciting essentials and you gave us a resounding “YEEEEESSS!”

Autumn Promo batch #2

We had to live up to the great expectations set by batch 1. Judging from some seller reactions, it looks like we didn’t disappoint. However, this promo batch isn’t over yet. For those still going strong with posters: go get ‘em!

Winter Promo batch #3

For our third batch, we knew we had to bring the heat a la newly released product, fleece blankets. They’re both a home essentials favorite and a holiday gifting hit, so take advantage while this promo keeps them at the season’s lowest price!

21 New Products

New to the platform: 21 new all-over sublimated products

We knew things were getting exciting at 10 new products, but we’re no underachievers. Double that number and add another one for good luck! Now that’s the TeeChip spirit—go big or go home.

Home & Living

  • Bedding: decorative pillows, duvet covers, comforters, coral fleece blanket, sherpa fleece blanket, and pillow shams
  • Kitchen & Dining: placemats, apron, woven rugs, and runners
  • Bath: shower curtains, bath mats, bath towels, premium bath towels, and tea towels
  • Wall Decor: window curtains, wall tapestries
  • Pet Beds


  • Tote bags
  • Weekender totes
  • Accessories pouch

For more product information, click here

Extra! Extra! Our next batch of promos will feature several of these new products. We can’t tell you which ones just yet, but best to start selling them all for practice while you wait ?!

New Lifestyle Mockups

Over 30 new lifestyle mockups exclusive to TeeChip

You shouldn’t have to be stuck with generic images. We’ve taken things in-house and launched over 30 lifestyle mockups for the top five performing products, sherpa fleece blankets, pillows, wall tapestries, all-over totes, and aprons. On top of that, we’ve also added close-ups to help show off product textures for class t-shirt, long-sleeve tees, ladies t-shirts, premium fitted ladies tees, hooded sweatshirts, and crewneck sweatshirts.