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Tour any closet and we’re pretty confident you’ll find at least a dress shirt or two scattered about. After all, it’s been a fashion staple going back over 100 years.

A dress shirt can flawlessly straighten the wearer’s silhouette during a presentation while simultaneously absorbing perspiration during tough questions. It can enhance the wearer’s coat or cardigan or it can be its own standalone piece. Prices for dress shirts can range wildly, from $8.99 at your big box retailers to thousands for something designer made. Why the price difference?

It’s all in the details!

The shirt is one of the most powerful non-verbal signals a wearer can give to those around them. The shirt speaks for its wearer, and it’s up to you to design that message.

Embroidered Dress Shirt Product Details

This embroidered dress shirt offers a timeless cut with functional features that are perfect for work or play.

Design Inspiration

Here are some designs to help inspire your first embroidered dress shirt design.

Names and Titles

Dress shirts are considered uniform in the workplace and while most employees are encouraged to stay away from large logos and profanity, there’s nothing in the rules about wearing your own name or an equally awesome alias.

Monogram Initials

Frequent dress shirt wearers will likely have every logo under the sun already hanging in their closet. What they don’t have is a custom monogram design!

Groom Party

Bridal parties have shown a fondness for matching tshirts in the past few years. Give the groom’s party something to call their own with matching dress shirts.


We give dads ties on Father’s Day, so why not design the perfect “#1 Dad” shirt to go with it?


  • Look your best with this custom embroidered dress shirt.
  • No matter where your day takes you, you’ll stay comfortable while looking sharp in this embroidered shirt.
  • Add a little practical style to your everyday look with this shirt.