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Quality bedding helps beds everywhere feel more comfortable and inviting. From clean bright colors or vibrant patterns, bedding is an easy way to personalize any sleeping situation.
But the more we looked into bedding for our catalog, the more we got confused. Are comforters and duvets the same thing? Are duvet covers exclusively for duvets? Then what in the world is a blanket for? 
We created this guide to clear the air and provide a few pointers along the way. 

Blankets vs. Comforters vs. Duvet Covers

  • Blankets – a large rectangular single layer to keep the sleeper warm.
  • Comforters – a thick bed covering made from two layers of material that are stitched together and filled with down, feathers, or synthetic fibers. Comforters are typically more colorful and larger than duvets, often hanging over the sides of the bed.
  • Duvet Covers – Just like a pillowcase covers pillows, duvet covers are a protective layer for duvets which can be expensive and difficult to clean. Duvet covers also provide avid decorators with an easy and affordable way to keep their bedroom colors and patterns more interesting.

Sherpa Fleece & Fleece Blanket Product Details

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Design Inspiration

Here’s some inspiration for your first bedding design.

Moms and Daughters

Being wrapped up in one of our blankets may be the next best thing to mom’s hugs.


The living room isn’t the only place that gets spruced up during the holidays!


Pet owners often share the foot of the bed with their fur children. Give them something else to share with lovable pet-themed blankets!

For Grandma

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to knit gifts for grandma, but these incredibly soft blankets can be the next best thing.


  • Finish off your bedding with this warm and comfortable piece.
  • It’s always time to cuddle with our softer than soft sherpa blanket. See for yourself.
  • The perfect piece of bedding to make any house feel like home. Your bed needs one!