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The soft clicks of buttons on our jackets, the strong clomps of our boots, and the endless crunching of leaves—it sounds like Autumn is here, and there’s no better way to welcome a new season than with new platform updates! 

TeeChip Rewards

The Autumn Contest was in full swing!

What’s better than the sounds of fall? The sound of your points racking up! Earn 1,350,000 points when you sell 70,000 units between September 10th, 2019 and October 25th, 2019. Points earned from milestones leading up to the 70,000 units accumulate.

We know how much you all love challenges. So right after the September Embroidery Challenge ended, we launched the October Socks challenge:

  • 750 points for 25 pairs of socks
  • 2,250 points for selling 100 pairs of socks
  • 12,000 points for selling 500 pairs of socks


$5 socks promo all October long

Combined with the TeeChip Rewards socks challenge, October was a huge win for many sellers.

A super special mega promo series is coming your way!

Celebrate this holiday season with our mega promo series! We’re putting the finishing touches on a plan to help you boost sales in a BIG way. Stay tuned for the full announcement in the coming weeks!


Updates on EU payment gateway orders and payouts

We’ve trimmed down the not-so-fun-to-read documentation. EU payment gateways SOFORT and Giropay will help increase conversion rates for EU orders, but transactions can take up to 14 business days to confirm —though the average time is around five business days. Your dashboard may reflect the pending status in the following ways:

  • A sale is recorded but no profit has been assigned
  • A profit has been assigned to a date containing no related sale record

Updates on TeeChip Rewards Streaks

Your campaign dashboard can provide a good overview of profits and sales generated by your campaigns. However, it’s not the entire picture and does not reflect canceled orders. 
For the most up-to-date profit calculations and unit sales activity (including cancellations), check your Profit tab. Your reward streaks are calculated using the unit sales activity as it’s reflected here.