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If the Birkenstocks and ripped jeans weren’t a dead giveaway, the ’90s are back! And with them, the slightly edgier, and definitely more stylish cousin of the fanny pack—the sling pack. Sling packs are the latest fashion hit, one of the few to actually offer utility and convenience.

In this guide, we’ll to walk you through some of the basics of sling packs and provide a few design ideas to help you get started.

Embroidered Sling Pack Product Details

These aren’t the sling packs you remember from grade school—they’ve been styled to taste!

Design Inspiration

Here are some designs to help inspire your first sling pack design.


Consider professionals who regularly commute to the office—like vets, nurses, and dentists—with too much stuff to fit into their pockets but also not nearly enough to have a dedicated backpack. The sling pack is the perfect in-between.


Whether they’re used for travel, class, or a weekend trip, a bag with the wearer’s initials will help them identify the bag as well as stake their ownership.


Concert and festival attendees need to carry the essentials but can’t afford to be bogged down by them. The sling pack is here to save the weekend!


We can’t forget the one audience that wears bags on a daily basis: students. Help them head to class in style!


  • Get hands-free-convenience when you’re on the go and still carry all the essentials with you! Take a look.
  • This new bag is sure to be a hit, perfectly sized for just what you need to go from workout to hangout. Check it out.
  • A versatile bag ideal for work, workout, and everything in between. Get yours today!