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Say goodbye to the days when sock drawers were filled with boring white tube socks. Now, say another goodbye to the other drawer of plain old black socks. Whether it’s vibrant colors, bold patterns, or interesting repeats, the standard for socks has changed in a big way.

Your savvy stylesetter now starts dressing from the tips of their toes and then work their way up. Kick your feet up and read a thing or two on how to sell socks.

Socks Product Details

The magic is already in the sock’s versatility and wearability—all it’s missing is your magical design!

Design Inspiration

Here are some designs to help inspire your first socks design.


Striped socks are so versatile that they can appeal to a broad audience.

  • Orange and black stripes = Halloween
  • Blue and black stripes = casual office wear
  • Red, white, and blue = a true patriot

What color matches can you come up with?


Christmas is a popular time for festive socks but don’t forget other fun celebrations like St. Patrick’s day and Valentine’s Day! Every holiday has unique colors and icons that are perfect for all-over prints.


Show off your wild side and add animal themes to your socks.


What was once considered nerdy is now super cool—we’re talking science. Whether it’s astronomy, physics, or chemistry, we’re sure it’ll get a great reaction.


  • Upgrade your everyday essentials with these fresh and fun colors!
  • From winning at work to a night on the town, stay comfortable and stylish wearing these socks!
  • Because you never know when you’ll need to nail a presentation or crush a trail, we’ve made designs that are ready for anything. Check them out!