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The polo shirt is a true style staple.

Landing somewhere between tshirt and button-down, it’s perfect for life’s many events that are nowhere near formal but aren’t quite casual either. The polo is smart enough for a first date, cool enough for a cookout, and versatile enough for wherever the wind will take you.

And even better, they’re worn by all types of people, from uniformed workers to the Northeast’s boaters to skaters on the west coast. There’s a polo shirt for every style and occasion!

Embroidered Polo Product Details

This classic will be around for a while, featuring a relaxed fit, comfortable length, and subtle but classy embroidery.

Design Inspiration

Here are some designs to help inspire your first embroidered polo design.


Polos are the perfect garment for professional environments but who says you can’t show a little bit of character?


Polos may seem like the uniform for every IT department and we think we’ve figured out why—they just scream “smart” without even trying.


We mentioned polos are a classic, which means there’s potential for humor that we all share.

Create Your Own Classic

Every great designer has their own take on this versatile garment. Isn’t it your time?


  • Maybe it’s a date or maybe you’re meeting friends—either way, do it with classic polished style. Get the look.
  • With our custom embroidered polo, you’ll be ready to take on the day with confidence and style. Check it out.
  • Keep it cool at work or at play with our custom embroidered polo.