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June ended too soon, but we have several updates that may just cheer you up!


Add changes to mockups, even after campaign creation.

We’ve all done it before—launch a campaign only to then notice it might look even better on a different mockup. If you haven’t, then you’ve not seen the additional 50 new lifestyle mockups from our last round of updates. But, wait! Before you start from scratch to make use of the new images, you’ll be relieved to know that we’ve enabled the ability to edit mockups even after a campaign was created. Now, go test out those brand spanking new mockups on your recently created campaigns!

Dashboard Improvements

Your dashboard is the powerhouse of your store. This time around, we’ve charged up some campaign features.

Campaign Sorting

View your campaigns in order of creation date.

TeeChip sellers currently have the option to sort campaigns by sales number, orders, unit sales, or views. Consider those options expanded with the addition of “sort by create date.” You can now find the first campaign you’ve ever created just as easily as the last.

Dashboard Analytics View

Open your dashboard to the last set of changes applied to your analytics view.

Part of the beauty of having your own analytics dashboard is the ability to filter and sort your view by values that are important to you. However—filter and sort as you might—those changes auto-revert to default settings once you leave the page. This is clearly inconvenient, so we’ve changed it. Now, your dashboard analytics retains your last session’s settings every time you navigate back to the dashboard*.

*Please note that this does not apply across devices. Your view will also reset every time you clear your browser cache or cookies.

Automated Sales Engine

More sales channels than ever


Powerful audience targeting for personalized products (name, age, etc.)

In a brief period of time, the ASE has learned to successfully share many products with their likeliest buyers across the web. We’ve recently expanded this progress with an interesting twist: postcards for highly personalized products—think designs with a specific name, location, age, etc.

Affiliate Channels

Our ever-expanding sales channels now include affiliate channels

In a continuation of our efforts to leverage the invaluable data powering the ASE, we’ve expanded its sales channels to include affiliate channels. This new opportunity will give the ASE an even bigger playground to attract and convert the right consumers.

Custom Domain Crossover (coming very soon)

Top-selling custom domain designs set to “public” will auto-list on

Curious to see the ASE in action? Set top-selling campaigns from your custom domains to “public” and watch the sales climb! Your top-selling public campaigns will automatically copy over to’s marketplace which offers even smarter marketing and priority ranking to bestselling campaigns.

TeeChip Rewards

More ways to earn, more prizes to win

New rewards

New Rewards

62 additional rewards to choose from

Step right up and claim your prize! But which one will you choose? We’ve added 62 new and noteworthy options to the already fantastic list of rewards. The only thing left for you to do is earn and redeem!

New challenge

New Challenge

See if you have what it takes to tackle the July Challenge

Head to your dashboard to check out the latest opportunity to earn more points. The rules are simple—for the month of July:

  • Sell 50 AOS shirts and earn 1500 points
  • Sell 200 AOS shirt and earn 6000 points
  • Sell 1000 AOS shirts and earn 30,000 points

Are you up for the Challenge?

Summer contest

Summer Contest

You’ve got until August 31st to win it all, so get your game face on!

The weather may be heating up but it’s our contest that’ll make things hot! From now until the end of August (8/31/19), you can hit multiple milestones with zero limits on product type:

  • Sell 600 units and earn 12,000 points
  • Sell 3,000 units and earn 60,000 points
  • Sell 12,000 units and earn 360,000 points
  • Sell 30,000 units and earn 1,050,000 points
  • Sell 60,000 units and earn 2,400,000 points

See these updates in action.

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