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Summer is in full swing and so is the TeeChip team! Here’s the latest and greatest on platform updates, improvements, and additions.

Automated Sales Engine (ASE)

In the short time since we rolled out the ASE, our team has already paid out over $500,000 USD! While a large part of the credit goes to talented sellers and their creative designs, the ASE itself has seen several major updates intended to maximize the potential of those awesome designs. Namely, we’ve added:

Email Marketing

Your designs will stay top-of-mind with ASE email marketing.

We use email marketing to keep shoppers constantly engaged and interested in our sellers’ products. When they’re ready to buy, our emails are there to help!

Facebook Ads

We’re extending the ASE’s powerful capabilities to Facebook ads.

Because the ASE has created a rich collection of customer personas using millions of unique data points and buyer demographics, the logical next step was Facebook ads. Today, the ASE can leverage its deep understanding of buyer interests to show Facebook users campaigns they’ll love.

3rd Party Marketplaces

We’ve increased product visibility by expanding into 3rd party marketplaces.

The beauty of online shopping is the consumer can go to a hundred different places without ever leaving their seats. However, that means they’re also shopping on marketplaces outside of TeeChip. In an effort to meet shoppers wherever they may be, we’ve expanded product placements to 3rd party marketplaces.

In Progress

Check back soon for updates on Pinterest ads and FBA.

We’re actively assessing the addition of Pinterest ads and Fulfillment by Amazon.

Custom Domains 3.0

We hope you’re enjoying the custom domain experience! With the 3.0 update, we’ve added several big changes to boost your purchase stats.

9 Product collections

Product Collections

Your store can now feature up to 9 product collections! What will you add?

Keep those creative ideas coming because we’ve expanded your shop capacity to 9 product collections. No more sacrificing one collection to show off another—now you can have it all!

L2 tags

L2 Tags

Get organized with L2 tags and help customers find what they need quickly.

First, we brought you the top nav. Now, we’re expanding the function with dropdown menus, or “L2 tags!” Use L2 tags to further categorize your offerings and help shoppers find what they’re looking easily and quickly.

Cart page

Cart page recommendations

AOV Improvements

We’ve enhanced the customer purchase experience with a Cart page and recommendations.

In our commitment to achieving the industry’s highest average order value (AOV), we’re constantly refining the customer experience. In this round, we’ve made two big updates.

  • The purchase flow now includes a Cart page where customers can review the items in their cart before purchasing.
  • Based on the items that a customer places in their cart, they’ll also see recommendations on the Cart page for other popular and relevant products that you offer. Each recommendation can be added directly to the same cart, without the hindrance of navigating to a different product page.

TeeChip Rewards

We’re all about creating rewarding experiences for our sellers and there’s no better way to show it than by adding more value to every dollar earned. Now, when you sell with TeeChip, every qualifying sale earns points towards big prizes and rewards. Here’s just a quick overview:


Unlock new tiers and access VIP benefits—every point you earn gets you closer to a new tier where more exclusive experiences and perks await.


Choose from 16 different prizes, ranging from $100 to $100,000

Opportunities to Earn

  • 1 sale = 1 point
  • 1 TeeChip sale = 3 points
  • Regularly scheduled bonus challenges
  • Earnings streaks to multiply your points

Head over to the new rewards view and see it for yourself!

Rewards tiers

16 prizes

Bulk Edit

Edit up to 100 campaigns at once.

Whether you’ve made a big “oopsie” or need to make updates quickly, adding changes to multiple campaigns just got easier. With the new Bulk Edit feature, you can now edit up to 100 campaigns simultaneously.

Sofort and Giropay supported

European Expansion

We now support Sofort and Giropay.

We’ve made yet another leap in our efforts to spread the love of entrepreneurship and great design with the rest of the world. For TeeChip users across the pond, we now support two additional payment gateways: Sofort and Giropay.

New Mockups

We’ve added 50 new lifestyle mockups. Which ones will you choose?

Your designs have never looked better, and we want to make sure the rest of the world knows it too. With 50 new lifestyle mockups, you can showcase your work on realistic, relatable, and professional mediums.

Lifestyle mockups

BBB in Footer

We’re reminding customers that is a BBB Accredited Business.

For those not in the know, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust. Businesses affiliated with the BBB must adhere to its high standards.

Shoppers essentially take a leap of faith every time they purchase from a new website, and for some, it’s not a hurdle they can manage. To help alleviate some of the fear, we’re reminding shoppers on that we’re a BBB Accredited Business.