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Increased conversions with the NEW custom domain

Own a custom domain? Get excited because TeeChip sellers now have access to the new Custom Domain 3.0 experience! We’ve added drop-down top navigation, campaign collections, and cart page improvements for higher average order values.

See for yourself at the demo store.

What are custom domains?

Custom domains allow you to link multiple storefronts together to create a fully-branded online shop (no mention of “TeeChip”) and your own URL (www.”YourShop”.com).

Shopping cart improvements

The new Custom Domain 3.0 cart page now includes 3 sections that display auto-generated campaigns. Cart page campaigns are from the same storefront (“More from”), the same tags (“People Also Bought”), and recently viewed campaigns (“Recommended for you”).

Take advantage of cart page improvements for higher AOV.

Download your FREE homepage templates

Need help with homepage design? Choose from over 20 unique .png/.psd artwork templates and instantly create a beautiful, fully-branded custom domain. Click here to access your templates.

Download your custom domain homepage templates.

Upgrade your custom domain for FREE today

Switching to the new custom domain 3.0 is quick and easy:

  1. Click “Domains”
  2. Click “Domain details”
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Click “Upgrade”

Click “Upgrade” to transition to the Custom Domain 3.0.

Make the switch to Custom Domain 3.0 today.

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