Easter Selling Guide

Easter is a Christian celebration of the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. While it holds high religious significance, many traditions associated with Easter can be traced back to pre-Christian, pagan times. The most prominent secular symbol, the Easter bunny, was reportedly introduced by German immigrants who shared stories of an egg-laying hare. Egg decorating is believed to date as far back as the 13th century, and the Easter parade has even older roots. Other traditions, such as the gifting and consumption of Easter candies and chocolates, are more recent additions to the springtime celebration.

Many consumers, of all religious backgrounds, have bought into many of these traditions. Easter consumer spending has consistently hit high numbers since 2015. Last year alone, expected Easter spending reached $18.11 billion (NRF), indicating consumers aren’t shy about purchasing themed gifts and goodies (to the tune of $151.25 each). With nearly 8 in 10 people celebrating, Easter is a holiday you don’t want to ignore.

From the same NRF survey, we also see that clothing and gifts are consistently high performers for the holiday—keep this in mind as you create your campaigns. To help you get started, we’ve also rounded up several eggciting Easter marketing and selling ideas. Enjoy!

Easter Design Inspiration

Baby Animals

Easter is a religious holiday but it has also come to represent the start of spring and the new life it brings. Adding baby bunnies, ducklings, and chicks to your design is a nod to the holiday and it can also be recycled for year-round baby items (e.g., blankets).

Rabbit Ears

While the origins of its associations are unclear, bunnies and Easter celebrations go hand in hand. Add rabbit ears to your design and embrace the odd pairing or go for something ironic!


For home decor items, use themes associated with Easter such as spring by incorporating flowers, pastel colors, and animals with their babies.


For home decor items, use themes associated with Easter such as spring by incorporating flowers, pastel colors, and animals with their babies.


You can’t go wrong with humor, especially on such a fun holiday. Add a good pun or joke, and you’ve likely got a winner!

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