Increase your profits with Easter campaigns

Easter is one of the biggest Christian holidays that traditionally celebrates the story of Jesus’ resurrection as told in the Bible. Easter is also a secular holiday, which involves Easter egg hunts and time spent with family. Holiday spending for Easter topped $18 billion in 2017 and surpassed that number in 2018.

$3 billion was spent on clothing on Easter in 2017 (via Fundivo)

As you can see above, clothing” is the 2nd most popular category for Easter purchases. Although it’s uncommon to dress specifically for Easter, designs that are unique, eye-catching, or extra cute can inspire impulse buys for this holiday. Easter is also great time to launch a store-wide sale refer to our how-to guide for coupons for help on getting started.

PRO TIP : Make sure your customers order before April 5th to arrive in time for Easter!



Classic secular themes

For a classic look, you can use popular Easter icons in your designs, such as decorated eggs, bunnies, and baby chicks. Pastel colors and springtime imagery can also add a festive look to your campaigns. 

Children’s themes

Easter is especially popular with children due to egg hunting, egg decorating, and candy-related gifts. In fact, parents of young children spend more money for Easter than any other demographic. Create designs for the kids to inspire extra Easter purchases.

Religious themes

Easter is the #1 church-related holiday of the year with over half of all Americans planning on attending church services. For sellers who regularly sell Christian-themed designs, Easter is a great time to increase your ad spend for higher conversions. 

Easter humor

Help draw attention to your Easter designs by adding in some fun. Witty phrases with clever artwork can bring a smile to people’s faces and really make your campaigns shine. Examples include Some bunny loves me” and Eggspert Hunter”.

Easter Egg tote bags

Easter egg hunts are one of the most popular activities on Easter, and perfect for boosting conversions on tote bags. Design festive bags for the kids to collect eggs in with style. 



General Easter CTA’s

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Expressing urgency

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Parents-buying-for-children CTA’s

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