Valentine’s Day Selling Guide (2020)

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, sellers! With the all-important holiday nearly upon us, we thought it’s high time to remind you of all the various ways you can help spread the love. You don’t need to be a flower or candy shop to show your hearts day spirit. In this guide, we’ll cover the ways you can position your products as go-to Valentine’s Day gifts!

Love Knows No Bounds

While Valentine’s Day has its roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, it remains a timeless tradition. At its purest, it’s a celebration of love—that can mean a lot of things. The key to your store making the most of this holiday is being aware of that. Don’t confine your inspiration to the love between man and wife. Expand your horizons and consider opportunities for pets, self-love, co-workers, LBGTQ+ individuals, and more! And of course, don’t forget these tips:
  • For matching designs, include links to both products in your Facebook ads
  • Use our wide variety of upsells on all your Valentine’s Day campaigns
  • Create a link to your campaign’s matching design in the campaign description
  • Remind customers about shipping discounts for orders with two or more items
Remember to include links to both products in your Facebook ads

Design Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Multilingual Designs

There are endless ways to say “I love you” and it starts with language. Incorporate different ways to express the phrase into your designs.


Millennials are the biggest generation of pet parents and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for them to dote on these furry family members.


Whether it’s the first or fiftieth year of marriage, a personalized gift always adds something extra—make yours that something extra!


Not every couple expresses love in the same way. For the goofy ones, try sprinkling in a little humor.

Calls to Action For Valentine's Day

  • That someone special deserves something equally precious.
  • Make “I love you” extra special on Valentine’s Day with this gift.
  • You love them every day, but make Feb 14 a special one.
  • Uh oh! Did you forget Valentine’s Day is coming up? Shop now!
  • Shop our hand-picked gift selection today for delivery by Valentine’s Day!

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