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Did you know that tie and neckware sales generate more than $680 million annually in the U.S.? Take a piece of these profits with your very own custom-designed ties on TeeChip.

Tie product details

Our ties are made with high-quality soft polyester and a professional glossy finish.

Target audiences for ties

Ties are a popular accessory that add character to formal outfits. Some audience segments will be more motivated to purchase a tie:

  • Shoppers looking for a gift for their dad, spouse, or significant other
  • Professionals who frequently wear ties to work (accountants, professors, salesmen, bankers, lawyers, realtors, brokers, and managers)
  • Fashion-forward men who subscribe to men’s style magazines
  • Christians and religious buyers looking to dress up for church
  • Shoppers who want fun attire for Christmas or other holidays

Design inspiration

Check out these design ideas to kickstart your tie campaigns:

Your niche

Already have some top-selling designs? An easy way to start selling ties is by utilizing your favorite niche designs. Remember that ties are tall and narrow, so you can either transform your niche design into a pattern or edit your design to fit on the tie artwork template.

Small animals

Everyone has a favorite animal, whether it be foxes, dogs, cats, llamas, etc. Make an all-over pattern with small, well-spaced animals and take advantage of this popular tie trend.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are on-trend and a great option for your first tie campaign. Shoppers will love how floral ties match perfectly with vintage suits for a timeless look.

Career ties

Ties with an educational theme are great niche gifts. Professors, scientists, and all work professionals will love expressing themselves with ties that match their professions.

Novelty ties

Fun ties that feature patterns of office objects, patriotism, religion, sports, or coffee are great ideas for neckwear enthusiasts. Designs can also include popular holiday or event imagery for boosted seasonal sales!

Call-to-actions for tie ads

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