Start 2019 off right with key January events

January marks the start of something new — it’s a brand new year with many opportunities for campaign inspiration. Kickstart your success in 2019 by creating campaigns for upcoming niche events in January.

January calendar of selling events

January Niche Events


Jan 1: New Year’s Eve/Day

Increase profits with campaigns celebrating the end of 2018

In a year filled with political controversies and national-scale events, many Americans are simply happy to see 2018 finally come to a close. Twists on classic t-shirt designs like “I survived 2018 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” are bound to increase conversions. “If you need me, i’ll be at the gym” and clever designs focused the change of the new year are also conversation starters likely to boost sales. It’s a global celebration, so take full advantage of this fun and unique niche.

New year tshirt design

Call-to-actions for New Year’s Day

  • 2019 is finally here! Check out this great deal and celebrate in style. Buy now & save.
  • Be the talk of the party this New Year with this unique shirt/hoodie/mug.
  • Ring in the New Year the right way. Check out these awesome deals on fun styles.

Jan 6: Epiphany (Three Kings Day)

Sell to millions for one of Christianity’s most popular holidays

One of the oldest Christian celebrations, Epiphany (or “Three Kings Day”) marks the the visit by the Three Wise Men to the Nativity of baby Jesus upon his birth, as told in the Bible. The popularity of this holiday extends across the globe, as millions of people in over 50 different countries celebrate Epiphany with parades, festivals, and feasts. This allows you to target buyers by region with culturally significant designs to increase conversions.

three kings day epiphany design

Call-to-actions for Epiphany (Three Kings Day)

  • Shop now and show your festive spirit with these perfect Epiphany styles.
  • Rejoice! Celebrate Three Kings Day in this unique shirt/hoodie/sweatshirt. Order now.
  • Get this adorable look for your baby’s first Epiphany. Buy now and get XX% off!

Jan 26: Australia Day

See your conversions soar with Australia’s biggest patriotic holiday

Australia Day, which commemorates the advent of contemporary Australia, is the official National Day of Australia. Millions of Australians across the globe celebrate their heritage and are eager to show it off. Your designs can feature the Australian flag and “1788” to mark the year the country was established.

Australia day design

Call-to-actions for Australia Day

  • G’day mate! Show some pride this Australia Day. Order now and save big.
  • Just in time for 26 January. Get the look and make this Australia Day the best one yet.
  • Celebrate Australia Day in style with this awesome shirt/hoodie/mug.

Increase conversion with niche designs this January!